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The Breakthrough Writers Programme

The exciting new programme of courses, mentoring and scholarships for under-represented writers, funded by Curtis Brown Literary Agency and partners

Curtis Brown Creative, supported by the Curtis Brown and C&W agencies, has launched an exciting new programme of creative writing courses, mentoring opportunities and scholarships for under-represented writers – with all opportunities fully funded for the writers taking part.

Our objective is to seek out talented writers, who would not otherwise have joined our creative writing courses, and give them the best of our tuition and mentoring, delivered by successful author-tutors, literary agents and publishers. We will draw on our expertise to help writers maximise the potential of their works-in-progress and pitch them with confidence to the book industry.

The central programme of intensive courses and mentoring for under-represented writers is funded in full by the Curtis Brown Group and Curtis Brown’s agents. We aim to run the programme for at least three years, addressing many barriers to entry – and with each writing opportunity having a clear eligibility focus.

The programme also offers scholarship opportunities to enable talented writers to gain a fully-paid place on Curtis Brown Creative’s three-and-six month novel-writing courses. Many of these scholarships are funded by our valued partners – whether individuals or corporate sponsors and, again, will focus on specific barriers to entry.

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